Vita EN

KWAKU - EUGEN SCHÜTZ Vaihingen/Enz - Germany

As sculptor I work predominantly with recycled steel waste, logs, wood and natural materials. I weld steel to form abstract objects, masks, steles, eyes and life-sized figures.

I carve wood by chainsaw (Chainsaw Art) in different variations or preserve its natural shape and change its look by applying bio-degradable oil and paint (and sometimes acrylic).

My pieces are abstract. They often show African motives, LAND Art and Concept Art, but always display social and developmental topics and are also a reflection of my own experiences and homage to the African continent.

By UPCYCLING I bring new live to my objects, install them with new dignity, so they can restore peace. It is my concern to give a new outlook on things, „beyond one‘s own nose“, based on developmental politics and in reference to African culture.

This can happen as exhibition, in public space, as performance, workshop, national and international projects or by including a sculpture. I especially wish to cooperate with children, young adolescants and socially disadvantaged groups to give them access to art, to encourage their interests in art and to help to integrate them.

For the exhibition concept „Personal Structures“ Venice 2017, I was nominated to present an installation of the sculptures „Moonstones“. They represents the developmental political background of our society referring to the ongoing contamination of worldwide waters like the oil pollution in Nigeria and Florida, mercury poisoning of the Amazon through gold panning, Fukushima nuclear disaster and dumping in North and Baltic Sea and so on.

Thanks for protecting my nomination to the Majorlords of Vaihingen/Enz and Mühlacker, the Landlord of Enzkreis, the Foundation of Sparkasse Pforzheim-Calw,, my wife, parents, the Art-Clup, all of my neighbors and friends who beliefe in me. And maybe, these who come afterwards.